Reinert Ritz GmbH, Nordhorn - Klausheide
Reinert Ritz GmbH, Nordhorn - Klausheide Reinert Ritz GmbH, Nordhorn - Klausheide
Reinert Ritz GmbH, Nordhorn - Klausheide

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Hassle-free pigging guaranteed

There has to be an easier and safer way to pig! Without complicated shafts or time-consuming ventilation processes. Performed straight from street level using PE100, corrosion-free materials!” These were the criteria set out by Hamburger Stadtentwässerung (Hamburg's municipal water treatment company, now known as Hamburg Wasser) for the respected formed parts manufacturer Reinert-Ritz GmbH

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Water pipeline from Turkey to Cyprus

PE 100 transport pipeline in d 1600 mm and its technical flange connection.

The use of polyethylene pressure pipes is internationally more and more respected and ever demanding.

The reasons for this are complex, starting with its excellent resistance to corrosion, the flexibility of the PE 100 pipes and the resultant installation and cost advantages ...


Large pipe fittings are on the advance.
Because of the excellent qualitys of this material, it's field of application concerning pipeline construction is wide spread.

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Application for Axial Force Push-fit Couplings

a Text by Paul Hutchings and Bernd Damkowski

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New PE 100 trunk drinking-water pipeline

OOWV uses d 710 mm piping for the first time in a 2006 pilot project

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Title: Durably safe and economical fittings made of PE 100 for gas and water supply applications - solution of problems

Michael Ritz

Company: Reinert-Ritz GmbH, Nordhorn, Germany

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